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Converting a wedding dress from a zipper closure to a corset, or vice versa, is a specialized alteration that can dramatically change the look and fit of the gown.

Zipper to Corset Conversion:

  • Enhanced Fit and Adjustability: Adding a corset replaces the zipper with a lace-up back, offering greater adjustability for a more tailored fit. This is especially beneficial for brides seeking a snug fit at the bodice with more flexibility.
  • Style Transformation: The addition of a corset introduces a classic or romantic element to the dress, significantly altering its aesthetic.

Corset to Zipper Conversion:

  • Simplified Elegance: Replacing a corset with a zipper can streamline the back of the dress, offering a sleek and modern look.
  • Ease of Use: A zipper is often simpler to handle than a corset, providing ease of dressing without the need for adjusting laces.

Both types of alterations require careful consideration of the dress's existing structure and fabric, ensuring the new closure complements the overall style and integrity of the gown.

When converting a wedding dress closure from a zipper to a corset or vice versa, the alteration can range from basic to complex, depending on the structure and design of the dress.

Basic Conversions:

  • Straightforward Fabric: On dresses with simpler, more forgiving fabrics, the conversion process is more straightforward, whether it's adding a corset or replacing it with a zipper.
  • Minimal Structural Changes: For gowns that require minimal adjustment to their existing seams or design to accommodate the new closure.

Complex Conversions:

  • Detailed or Delicate Fabric: Dresses with intricate lace, beading, or delicate fabrics require more meticulous work during conversion to preserve the integrity and aesthetic of the design.
  • Significant Structural Modifications: Gowns needing extensive alterations to their structure, like resizing the bodice or adjusting the seam placements to fit a corset or zipper, fall into the complex category.
  • Integrating with Existing Design Elements: When the conversion needs to be seamlessly integrated with existing design elements such as boning, embellishments, or layered fabrics, the alteration becomes more intricate.

Each conversion process, whether basic or complex, is tailored to ensure that the new closure not only fits perfectly but also enhances the overall style and functionality of the dress.

Please note:

Wedding dress sizes typically run smaller than street sizes. Check our size guide to find your perfect fit!

The dresses displayed on our website represent our current in-stock collection.

If you require a different size, please reach out to us with a message. We can specially order the needed size for you, provided the dress is still available and not discontinued. It's important to note that our sale prices apply only to off-the-rack dresses and do not extend to special orders.

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