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Our pant tapering services are designed to provide a custom fit, regardless of the style of your pants. Whether you need a subtle taper from the calf or a more pronounced alteration up to the hip, our tailoring ensures a sleek, tailored look that complements your silhouette.

  • Varied Tapering Levels: We offer tapering to various points — from calf to knee, thigh, or hip — accommodating different styles and fits. Each level of tapering is meticulously done to ensure a flattering finish.

  • Satin Stripe Adjustments on Tuxedo Pants: For tuxedo pants with a satin stripe, our service includes the careful removal and reapplication of the stripe. This process is more time-consuming and requires precision, which is reflected in the pricing.

  • Pricing Considerations: The cost of tapering varies depending on the complexity of the work involved. Factors like the tapering height and additional elements like a satin stripe on tuxedo pants influence the final price.

Our goal is to provide you with perfectly tailored pants that offer both style and comfort, tailored to your specific needs and preferences

Please note:

Wedding dress sizes typically run smaller than street sizes. Check our size guide to find your perfect fit!

The dresses displayed on our website represent our current in-stock collection.

If you require a different size, please reach out to us with a message. We can specially order the needed size for you, provided the dress is still available and not discontinued. It's important to note that our sale prices apply only to off-the-rack dresses and do not extend to special orders.

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