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Adjusting the side seams of a wedding dress is a delicate task that varies in complexity based on the dress's design and structure. This alteration is key to achieving a perfect fit and can range from basic to advanced levels of intricacy.

Basic Side Seam Adjustments:

  • Simple Fabric Dresses: For dresses made of single-layer, straightforward fabrics like satin or taffeta, where seams are easily accessible.
  • Minor Resizing: Small alterations in the fit, such as slightly taking in or letting out the seams for better body contouring.

Advanced Side Seam Adjustments:

  • Multiple Layers and Complex Fabrics: Dresses with multiple layers, complex fabrics, or heavy embellishments require meticulous handling to adjust each layer without altering the overall design.
  • Intricate Design Elements: Working around detailed features such as lace appliqués, beading, or other embellishments along the side seams. These elements may need careful detachment and reattachment.
  • Pleated Designs: Adjusting dresses with pleats along the side seams adds complexity. Pleats must be carefully realigned and maintained during the adjustment to preserve the dress’s original look.
  • Boning or Structured Bodices: Altering structured bodices with boning involves reshaping and fitting while maintaining the dress's support and design integrity.

Given the additional work required to adjust pleats and maintain the integrity of detailed designs, the time and cost associated with these alterations will reflect the higher level of skill and care needed to ensure your dress fits flawlessly for your special day.

Please note:

Wedding dress sizes typically run smaller than street sizes. Check our size guide to find your perfect fit!

The dresses displayed on our website represent our current in-stock collection.

If you require a different size, please reach out to us with a message. We can specially order the needed size for you, provided the dress is still available and not discontinued. It's important to note that our sale prices apply only to off-the-rack dresses and do not extend to special orders.

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