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Hemming $175 - $425

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Hemming a wedding dress involves several considerations that can affect the complexity and cost of the alteration. The factors include the number of layers in the dress, the presence and type of crinoline, the fabric, and the dress's finish.

Basic Hemming:

  • Single Layer Dresses: Adjusting the length of dresses with a single layer of fabric, typically involving straightforward materials like satin or taffeta.
  • Simple Finishes: Working on dresses with plain hems, without additional detailing like lace or beading.

Advanced Hemming:

  • Multiple Layers: Dresses with multiple layers or with crinoline require more intricate work to adjust each layer appropriately.
  • Delicate Fabrics: Handling delicate fabrics such as silk chiffon or organza demands extra care and precision.
  • Detailed Finishes: Adjusting hems on dresses with detailed finishes like lace edges, beading, or horsehair braid, which may need to be removed and reapplied meticulously.
  • All-Around Adjustments: For dresses requiring the hem to be shortened uniformly all around or to make the dress floor-length throughout, additional fees apply due to the increased work involved.

Please note, the prices mentioned typically cover the front hemming of the dress. Hemming the dress all around or ensuring a consistent floor-length finish will incur an additional fee, reflecting the extra time and skill required for these more complex alterations.

Please note:

Wedding dress sizes typically run smaller than street sizes. Check our size guide to find your perfect fit!

The dresses displayed on our website represent our current in-stock collection.

If you require a different size, please reach out to us with a message. We can specially order the needed size for you, provided the dress is still available and not discontinued. It's important to note that our sale prices apply only to off-the-rack dresses and do not extend to special orders.

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