Wedding Makeup Trends for 2022

Wedding Makeup Trends for 2022

New beauty trends emerge every year, no doubt about it!. For 2022, how will bridal makeup look? The combination of sophistication and boldness is undeniable.


This year's trends will not disappoint whether a bride prefers a natural tone or a striking appearance. It's easy to experiment with these trends and tailor them according to your taste. Our favorite bridal makeup trends of 2022 will make your special day even more memorable!


Pretty in Pink

The bright lipstick craze shows no signs of slowing down! Brides-to-be can slay the wedding party with any vibrant shade of pink. Little or no makeup is needed to achieve a natural look with those pink lips. 

You can never go wrong with magenta, fuchsia, or any other rose-colored shade. Pink lips complement any bridal gown, no matter its style or cut, since they are timeless and never go out of style. Off-white or pastel gowns will make it look even better!


Minimal Makeup

 As has been the case for a number of years, brides are expected to prefer minimalist styles this year as well. There will be a lot of emphasis on no-make-up makeup in 2022, as well as minimal looks. With shimmery eye makeup enhanced with mascara and eyeliner, a minimalist makeup look features a flawless base, light pink lips, and a dab of blush on both cheeks.


Luminous Glow

Glitz and glam are the theme for 2022. As a bride, you can jazz up your cheeks and eyelids with gloss or glitter. Shimmer can create a bright or luminous appearance on your cheekbones or other facial features. Your look will be enhanced, with little effort, and you'll shine like a pro in no time! If you want to have some fun with your wedding makeup, try adding some sparkle to your eyelids!


Full Brows

Bridal makeup trends for 2022 will feature eyebrows prominently. Colored eyebrow gels are becoming increasingly popular among brides. With this product, you can achieve full, shapely eyebrows. The brow trends this year were thin and thick. Brides are expected to opt for a more defined and fuller appearance in 2022, as well as lighter shades of white.


Dramatic Lashes

Long, voluminous eyelashes enhance a bridal look. For 2022, brides will be focused on stunning eyes. It is currently popular to pair naked eyes with eyelashes that are sometimes bejeweled and embellished. Glamorous skin goes well with dramatic eyelashes. In this year's beauty trends, it's all about brows, dewy skin, and long, luscious eyelashes!

These gorgeous bridal makeup trends are sure to inspire you! If you’re still searching for your dream wedding gown, book an appointment with us at Romashka Bridal!