Wedding DIY Projects

Wedding DIY Projects

Engaged couples often experience time passing more quickly than they realize. Until you choose a date, the ceremony and reception venues, and a theme or color palette, you should begin working on any DIY projects you're interested in. You'll have more time to enjoy your projects since you won't have to rush them. 


Among your married friends, you should ask if they ever completed the DIY projects they likely considered. It's more likely that you'll get a "No, I ran out of time!" than a "Yes, I did.". Do most of your projects early in the planning process to stay organized and on top of all the other details. Here are some DIY projects you can complete before the wedding!


Make your own wedding signs

The bride and groom's first names can be written on wood, heavyweight cardstock, or another sturdy surface. It is possible to create wedding signage yourself if you have excellent handwriting.


Runner made from reclaimed wood

Rustic, reclaimed wood runners will add texture and height to long dining tables. An aged wood piece runs along the table with understated arrangements and dainty votive candle holders. Throughout each tablescape, a reclaimed runner contrasts with velvety white blooms to enhance the rough texture.


Centerpiece with floating flowers

You may want to reconsider your opinion of fake florals from the dollar store before you say "ew." By adding water to cheap flowers, they can be transformed into beautiful blooms. Three blooms should be floated in 3/4 of a watered plastic terrarium bowl. A couple of dollars will get you this gorgeous centerpiece!


Basket for Flower Girl

Rather than fresh flowers, use paper or silk petals as a last-minute decoration. To make the flower girl's basket truly special, ask your florist to incorporate fresh petals before the ceremony.


Lanterns that are picture-perfect

A lantern is a must-have decoration for a wedding, but they are expensive. That's no longer the case! These gorgeous, trendy pieces can be created for less than $10. It is necessary to remove the glass and backing from frames in order to achieve this look. The frames should be spray painted gold on both sides, and hot glued together. Simply replace the glass and you're good to go!