How To Decide What Color Wedding Dress To Order

How To Decide What Color Wedding Dress To Order

Here at Romashka Bridal , we definitely get a lot of questions from our brides! Among those are, “which color wedding dress should I order?” That might seem like a silly question to those seeking a white gown, but there are so many different shades of whites, creams, ivories, and more to choose from that it can be confusing! Not to mention overlays and veils to match. Today we’re going to give you some advice for deciding what color to order:


One of the issues we see often is that the sample gown brides try on in the store can look pretty different once it’s ordered and received. The reason for this is that the store might display certain types of sparkles and beading very differently from how they look online. Some of the sample gowns might have tarnished aspects or look a little older, so when you receive the brand-new gown, it could look like an entirely different dress. 
Something that helps with this is to ask your bridal consultant about the condition of the sample dress. In order to minimize potential disappointment, make sure you order the wedding dress in the same color you originally saw. If you try on an off-white gown, then order that to be on the safe side. Ivory dress? Choose that shade online! 

Remember to take your dress' style into consideration as well! Imagine a wedding gown with a darker undertone and ivory lace on top. Photos will show lace details more clearly than they do in person, regardless of skin tone. You can see how ivory on ivory will look in real life by asking your stylist to show you a piece of ivory fabric side by side. Don't forget to use the same designer's fabric!


Different Wedding Gown Shades

So, with those things in mind, let's explore some of the different shades of white to choose from when shopping for a wedding dress!



Brides looking for the whitest gown possible should definitely go for a classic, stark white dress. What’s great about going for a classic white gown is that you’ll find a wide variety of these in many styles and silhouettes! They almost have a blue undertone to them, which makes them look a little better on certain skin tones. On darker skin, the white can almost appear to glow! Ultimately, a classic white gown can never go out of style for bridal fashion. 


Style 8202



Despite being a crisp white, this shade is less bright or intense since it is made from natural fibers, like silk and chiffon, rather than synthetic fibers. Diamond white gowns can also be referred to as off-white or natural white. Off white and satin fabric create a romantic, old Hollywood look! Depending on the bride's preferences, this particular gown can be customized in different undertones for an off white shade. 

Sottero And Midgley

Style ARLEIGH 7SW995



The ivory color, also known as eggshell, tends to dominate bridal fashion. Warm undertones can make ivory appear off-white to deep crème. It looks great on most skin tones, unless it's too yellow, which can sometimes clash with olive skin tones because it brings out the yellow. Ivory wedding dresses are incredibly romantic and versatile!


Rebecca Ingram

Style Kavita Lynette-22RT589B01



Consider a champagne-colored wedding dress if you want to stray from classic white and maybe even flirt with pink and gold undertones. Champagne gowns can have a rose undertone or a chocolate undertone depending on the fabric, such as silk, chiffon, or tulle. It is almost a beige color and has an old-school feel. Bridals with olive or sallow skin tones look great in this color!


Allure Bridals

Style 9254

Ultimately, what color gown you choose is up to you! If you ask us, the most important thing here is to try on as many dresses as possible and not limit yourself to just one type of gown or color when shopping. When you’re shopping, make sure to take pictures of the dresses you try on so you can get the best idea of how you look and feel! 

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