How to Choose The Perfect Bridal Accessories

How to Choose The Perfect Bridal Accessories


First of all, congratulations on finding “the one!” Not your partner - we mean your wedding gown! Now that you’ve picked the perfect dress, it’s time to pair it with the perfect accessories.

Choosing the right bridal accessories can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Accessories and jewelry really add that personal touch to your wedding day look that’s completely up to you. In other words, you don't have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to completing your ensemble. If you want to choose the right accessories, trust your instincts, choose what you like, and follow some of the tips we've gathered for you! 

Push Yourself Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Even though you might not wear a wedding dress every day, chances are you're familiar with jewelry. Consider your wedding look based on what works and what makes you feel most confident. We definitely don’t think you should feel like you have to wear bold jewelry if that’s not ever been a part of your regular look. However, take the pieces you feel most comfortable with and amp it up a notch or two! 

If you always wear stud earrings, consider a more formal version of that with fancier stones! Or if you love bracelets, try some more glamorous pieces that are similar. Bottom line - you can stay within your comfort zone, but try to edge your way outside the lines a little for your big day!

Wearing Sentimental Jewelry? Start With Those and Build

It's great to incorporate "something borrowed" into your outfit, but you don't want Nana's pearls or your favorite aunt's bangles to look like afterthoughts. Bringing a specific piece with you while dress shopping is a great idea if you know you'll be wearing it!  

Rings Don’t Need To Match Perfectly



Engagement rings and wedding bands are worn every day of your marriage, so they should already reflect your style in the other pieces of jewelry you choose. However, things don't have to match perfectly. You don't have to match metals perfectly, either. Gold can be added to your wedding day look even if your engagement ring is platinum. It's just a matter of being intentional with your choices! 

Don’t Let Trends Override Your Personal Style

The wedding industry isn't immune to trends, and it's okay to embrace those that resonate with you. It's half the fun, in fact! In light of this, don't chase a look just because it's all over social media if it's not right for you. Don't let trends dictate your choices; they're meant to inspire! Choosing based on your personal style and sentimental reasons is more important so you can look back years later and be satisfied with your decision.

Make Sure Your Necklace Matches Your Neckline



A good rule of thumb when choosing a necklace is to pick one that matches your dress' neckline. With strapless and sweetheart necklines, chokers and statement necklaces look best. If there is skin showing on your neckline, the necklace should sit on your skin, not the dress.


Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Metals

You might find on the internet that certain metals go better with certain shades of dresses: platinum and silver with pure white; yellow gold with ivory and champagne; rose gold with blush. We don't always agree! While some metal tones and colors do fight with each other, trust your eye instead of the "rules."

Make Your Veil the Center of Attention



When crafting a wedding day look, it’s important to have a focal point. If your wedding gown is the cake, for instance, choose one piece of jewelry to be the icing. That thing can be a statement necklace or a gorgeous pair of earrings, but it can also be a stunning veil with beautiful appliques and texture! We have some incredible veils here if you’d like to check them out! 

You Can Always Change Things Up

You don't have to wear the same jewelry for your ceremony and reception. Changing into some sparklers for the reception will help you wear statement earrings even if your statement veil prevents you from wearing statement earrings. You can also change your second look dress entirely for the reception, but switching out your accessories is a more budget-friendly solution.


We hope these tips have given you some clarity for finding the perfect accessories! If you’re still searching for the perfect gown, book an appointment with us today at Romashka Bridal!