Glossary of Key Bridal Terms

Glossary of Key Bridal Terms

Often, most brides begin shopping with no clue of all the unique terms to describe exactly what it is they’re looking for. Knowing key terms in bridal is important while shopping for your dress, as it makes the entire process easier. It’s much easier to communicate what you’re looking for with your stylist when you have the words to say it!



The veil is an iconic bridal accessory! Veils come in a range of styles, so it’s good to know the different lengths veils come in. The shortest veil is the birdcage, which is cropped in close to the face. The next few lengths are self explanatory: shoulder length (or flyaway), elbow length, and fingertip length, and floor length. Veils with trains are either chapel or cathedral length, with chapel being slightly shorter and cathedral being a more dramatic length. 



Trains aren’t just for veils—the skirt on your wedding dress can also have a train, meaning the fabric in the back is slightly longer to create a sweeping look. Trains come in a variety of lengths, creating different looks with each. 



The neckline of your dress is a key face-framing component of your dress. Necklines can add a feminine look to your dress, as is the case with sweetheart necklines, or they can add a striking, bold shape, like the square neckline. 



Your dress’s silhouette is the main shape of the dress, and is there to work with your figure to bring out all the features you like and make you feel at your most confident. Silhouettes range from the ball gown, a gorgeous, full-skirted shape, to the mermaid, a more dramatic, hourglass shape.


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