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True beauty is in the bride, not the dress. That is why we focus our efforts on building genuine relationships with every bride to create the most memorable, authentic shopping experience. Yuriy's ambition to help you craft your dream wedding is epitomized by his own love story. 



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Our Love Story

When Ludmila (Luda) got the invitation to a birthday party for her cousin Alina's boyfriend, Maks, she didn't realize she was being set up with Maks' best friend, Yuriy. "Unknown to me at the time, it was a pre-planned meet-cute by Alina and Maks," says Ludmila. "We started talking around a bonfire after dinner and never stopped."

In January 2019—more than three years after their first meeting—Ludmila and Yuriy returned to one of their favorite locations: Predators of the Heart animal sanctuary, where they had met and played with baby wolves years earlier. "After spending the day literally playing in the forest with the now-grown wolves, we went on a hike on Mount Erie," says Ludmila. "Little did I know, it was all a carefully orchestrated plan ending in a dreamy mountaintop sunset proposal."

Ludmila, who owns Music Schoolhouse studio in Mill Creek, Washington, and Yuriy, who owns three wedding and event companies—Romashka Bridal, Top Tier Tux, and Noble Rentals—wanted to plan the event themselves, says Ludmila, "spending over a year meticulously researching, sourcing, curating, and ultimately planning our perfect June wedding. However, 2020 threw everyone a curveball, shattering all of our carefully laid plans. From planning on postponing, to planning an elopement followed by a reception the following year, to having our state open back up briefly, there were many, many pivots."

Finally, they committed to a 40-guest wedding on July 25, 2020, at Lairmont Manor, their original venue. "The architecture and classic gardens won our hearts from our first venue visit," says Ludmila. "If we couldn't realistically get our family to Europe for a destination wedding, this was going to be our Europe at home in the states." They emphasized a floral aesthetic, using Ludmila's favorite flowers—including Icelandic poppies—as a starting point. "That was the original inspiration for our entire color palette: a lush rose gold garden," says the bride. "For us, making it personal was all about the curated details. We wanted to create an enjoyable bespoke experience for our family and friends that included all the things that bring us joy. From the flowers to the food, we wanted an atmosphere of sunshine and romance to tell an age-old love story."

Though they trimmed their guest list and moved their June plans to July—when many of the flowers Ludmila requested were no longer in season—many other personalized elements made the day a success: They rented a grand piano for live music at the ceremony, gave their antique gramophone a showstopping spot at the cocktail hour, served a variety of European-inspired desserts, and found a classic Porsche to use for their transportation. "Where there's a will, there's a way," says Ludmila. "We were together—and that was everything."



As the owner of Romashka Bridal, Yuriy was able to give his wife Luda a "Cinderella wedding-dress shopping experience" with her four bridesmaids. "We celebrated with Champagne, rosé, music, and macarons with the shop to ourselves, trying gown after gown until I fell in love. It was a girly movie montage," says the bride. "After having tried on what felt like a million dresses, I couldn't stop thinking about the one that made me feel like a princess"—an off-the-shoulder Morilee gown with a low back, deep neckline, and covered buttons down the train. "It was one I had tried on out of curiosity, not something I at all expected to actually choose," says Ludmila. "It made me feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast—I had to have it."

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